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Recently, I met a woman through a group of friends who is eight years my senior and has no children. She looks great for her age and took an interest to me when we met.

From the moment we met, she was pretty open to “anything.” Her friend facilitated the whole situation because, as un-manly as it may sound, I’m not just trying to have sex with someone on the first night – I’m not that thirsty for ass – especially with someone I’ve never met; and even more when you find out the rest of the details later.

So, I began talking to her friend, who I actually find more attractive, and she’s telling me about herself. When I go to talk to the woman interested in me she tells me,

“I don’t want to tell you anything about me because it will mess tonight up.”

Once she said that, a red flag went up. I kept asking her throughout the night what she meant but she wouldn’t budge. My guy friends knew this girl and seemed to be focused on making sure her and I finished the night in my bedroom.

So, I let all the secrecy slide and we left to my crib. We took care of business and she was gone before the sun came up. I noticed the phone lighting up on silent while we were doing our thing, but I thought it was her friend checking up on her, as it was the first time any of us had met.

After all was done, we lay down and I ask her again, ‘What’s your deal?’ So, she tells me that she’s married. I SMH at that.  I’m not into doing another man’s woman because I wouldn’t want it done to me. But what came next was the real problem.

“Oh, and he’s a cop.”

Any chance of me going for a quick Round 2 with this woman was lost.

She started telling me about how she’s not happy and is only with him for the security (house, lifestyle, etc). The same old story. I told her I wasn’t interested in being killed so I wasn’t sure if this was going to work. After all, we do live in NY and the NYPD aren’t known for their cautious trigger fingers.

After that, she decided to leave as I was taken aback by the whole situation. She hit me up a few days later about meeting up and I passed. I was still tight about the whole revelation. But another few days passed and I remembered how good she was in bed – how direct and forward she was. I enjoyed myself. It was my first time with a woman that was much older than me and it was a positive experience.

I then proceeded to invite her out for some Salsa dancing late last week. We had a good time and nothing went down as she had to head back home.

So, I’ve gone back and forth with this whole issue while she’s open to continuing.

So my question to the HelloBeautiful audience is:

Should I continue having sex with a married woman on the low, or just leave that woman to that man and focus on the ones that won’t get me murdered in a love triangle?

I know the logical answer, but I’m just really looking for a reason to do what everyone would look at as wrong.


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