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Ask if he wants to try to work things out with you. If he does not, there is no point in wasting your time trying to get him back. If he agrees to try to work things out, the two of you should figure out what to expect of each other as you try to patch things up. Address any problems that led to the breakup and discuss ways to deal with these problems.

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    Show him that you have changed. If the breakup was your fault, you have to prove that you’re not going to repeat the same mistakes. Offer to go to counseling, and keep the lines of communication open. In order to get him back, you’ll have to listen to him and be willing to make any necessary changes to mend the relationship.

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    Leave the past alone. Once you’ve discussed ways to work through any problems you’ve had, don’t continue to bring up past mistakes. You will have to learn to forgive each other for any wrongs and let things go. Even if your man was the reason for the breakup, if you want him back you have to make a point not to hold his mistakes against him.

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    Start out slow. You can’t expect to jump right back into a relationship and have things be the same as before, when you were on good terms. It’s OK to be honest and let him know you still have feelings for him, but take things one step at a time. If you were living together when you broke up, it may be a good idea to live apart for awhile to give each other space. You can still date and see each other, but if you crowd his space, it could turn him off.

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    Reignite the passion that was once in your relationship. A man wants a woman whom he finds attractive and who can fulfill his emotional and physical needs. Be the person he fell in love with. Think about the things he loved about you, and do your best to bring out those qualities in yourself. Don’t just tell him that you love him; show him. You can do this through intimacy, cooking for him, taking care of your appearance and doing things together.

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