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In case you missed Fantasia’s appearance on Wednesday’s “Oprah,” the singer sat down with her “Color Purple” boss to discuss the moochers in her family, her financial and housing woes and the reasons she missed so many of her Browadway performances.

Describing her financial rock bottom, ‘Tasia said it started when she couldn’t afford to buy a pizza.

“The pizza lady says, ‘Well, the card declined,’” she says. “At that point I knew that I had been mishandled. Because there should have been no way that there wasn’t any pizza money.”

Fantasia also talked about her home coming close to foreclosure, and her surgery to have two tumors removed following her Broadway run in “The Color Purple.” She said having to perform the shows with the tumors was physically draining, and only added to the exhaustion she was suffering from serving as her family’s sole financial provider.

A clip of her VH1 reality show “Fantasia For Real” was shown, and the selfish attitude of her brother Teeny was discussed at length, with Oprah just shaking her head at one point.

Fantasia later sang herself to tears during a performance of her new single “Even Angels.” Watch below.  Also, read the full account of her discussion with Oprah here.

As fans await the scheduled spring release of her new album, Fantasia reprises her role in The Color Purple in Los Angeles from Feb. 10 through 28.