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This is a special post for the immature men that are in our lives. Yes there are some good brothas out there but for every 1 that is good there are at least 4 or 5 that are not. This list is dedicated to the brotha that exhibits gay behavior but considers himself heterosexual. I’m not talking about wearing pink. It is deeper than appearance on so many levels. Not every man who exhibits these behaviors is necessarily gay but it certainly make me want to ask them. There of course is nothing wrong with being gay but it trips me out when heterosexual man behave in this way and then expect for me to not question them.

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1. You consistently put your friend’s needs before your woman‘s simply because she is a woman.

Obviously, no man can fulfill his woman’s every need and desires constantly. No rationale woman should ask for that. I am referring to men who feel that their woman’s needs should always come secondary to those of his friends. Realistically no woman should expect to comes first on every single occasion but that does not mean that she should accept being dead last on the list always either. With all things there needs to be a balance. Her being a female is not a good enough reason for her to be secondary in your life. Positions of importance in one’s life should be earned not distributed based on gender.

2. You woman bash… CONSTANTLY

Both sexes bash the other on occasion. It is expected and it is in human nature. We have bad experiences with each other and we sometimes bash in order to vent. I am referring to men who constantly have negative commentary in regards to women. Their machismo will not allow them to speak highly of women or see them in a positive light at all. Every woman ain’t s**t in their book and is disposable. These type of men are also unable to even refer to them by the term “women” instead they call them “bit**es”. Doing this helps to devalue women in their minds and make them less human in their eyes. You might also hear a slew of other sunshine phrases about women like: “bit**es ain’t”, “f**k these bi**hes”, “I don’t need some b**h” and “Hoes are this and that”. Bet he makes his Mom proud.

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3. You would rather spend more time with your homies than your woman

I understand and respect that men enjoy spending time with their boys. I also understand the camaraderie among them and how it is deeply appreciated by them. I often wish that more women could display a sisterly love for one another. I also think that both men and women should be entitled to maintaining their friendships with other people even if they are committed to someone. However, when you get to the point where you would rather spend more time around men than with your woman then I have to question your sexuality. Fellas, if you are with a woman who makes you want to run away from her because she nags you, drives you crazy, makes you unhappy, etc then maybe she is not the woman for you. I am mentioning this because men always come with the lame excuse that their girl makes them not want to be around them, stresses them, and how they have more fun/feel more comfortable with their boys. Well honey, you are supposed to be able… To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt