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The truth is that women need sex as much as men do! The fact that men are more open about this fact makes it seem that they need sex to love their women more than the women do! There is a lot more to this than just what people tend to think and do. Sex is important for a relationship to last. Here are some reasons why men need it to love women.

The biological urge

In most cases the biological urge in men is pretty strong. They have the need to be physical with a woman in order to bond with her more. The more sex appeal a woman has, the more attracted a man is. Being more visual than women, men tend to react with their bodies more easily than women.

He feels more alive!

It is the time when they feel most happy and alive. Because they are intimate with the woman, it makes it easier for them to love her. When his heart is thumping and testosterone levels are high, he enjoys the feeling. This is one way in which he can communicate his feelings for the woman he loves.

Sex is what keeps his interest in the woman strong

Since sex is important and vital for him, he needs to express his feelings through caresses, kisses and other ways of physical intimacy. The “rush” he feels when he has sex with his woman is something he would hate to give up. If women understood this, they would be able to keep their men happy and satisfied.

He feels connected with the woman

Not only is there a physical connection, but for many men it is also a spiritual connection. Men who do not believe in casual sex, are those who will only have sex with the women they wish to marry because they have the sense of belonging as well as “ownership” where the woman is concerned.

For some it is the expression of his admiration and love

Everyone knows that sex conveys the deepest intimacy and love between couples. Those men who are interested in marriage and long term relationships will consider sex very important and it is a combination of making love and having deep admiration for the woman.

It is a bonding that proves many things to a man

A man feels that when a woman agrees to have sex with him not only is she proving her willingness to trust him all the way but it confirms his ability to attract her. Both of these are important for him to feel committed to the woman. It gives him a sense of unison and completeness.