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By Jane Writer

Women are not difficult to understand or please. Your lady is no different. It is usually the little things that bring a smile, and even if she is a little harder to please than others, you can find ways to keep your lady and keep her happy.

Step 1

Take a long, hard look at the things she complains about. If she is constantly goading you to buy her flowers or bring her something special, then figure out why you refuse. If it is pride, or stubbornness, keep your lady by getting over yourself and doing what she wants you to.

  • Step 2

    Keep it new. When you get comfortable, you get lazy. Avoid that mistake, and keep your lady by thinking about her and trying to please her. Act like you are still on your honeymoon instead of celebrating 10 years of marriage.

  • Step 3

    Do the little things. If your lady goes out of her way to do the laundry and clean every weekend, treat her to a surprise. Wake her up on Saturday morning by doing the chores she normally does. It’ll be a sweet surprise, and she’ll love you for it.

  • Step 4

    Keep your lady by letting her know she is a beautiful woman. She may not look the same as she used to, or her body may have changed since childbirth, but it is important for her to know you still find her attractive.

  • Step 5

    Be honest with your lady to keep her content in the relationship. Lying is a huge mistake and never acceptable. The best part of every good relationship is honesty and communication. There is no easy fix for lies.

  • Step 6

    Remain selfless in times of need, vacation planning and decision making. This does not mean you should never think about yourself in these moments, but it does mean you should be fair and even when deciding things with your lady in order to keep her happy.