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Be open to trying new things and discussing your likes and dislikes. A man likes a women who can be daring and open with the subject of sex. If he wants you to do something you do not want to do, voice it. Offer an alternative and things should be fine. Open discussions of sexual needs and desires are key to a healthy relationship in the first place.

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    Keep things interesting. Try your best to surprise him with a new move or a new thing. Add role playing, food, costumes, toys or a strip tease from time to time. This will keep his imagination running wild and that is a big key to keeping him sexually pleased. Ask him what he would like to see or do and surprise him with things later. The less you say about it and the more you just do, the better off you are.

  • Step 3

    Never neglect foreplay, as you do not want him to either. Oral sex is a great surprise anytime and the more frequent, the more pleased he will be. Keep your techniques varied, as boredom is the number one way to keep a man from being sexually pleased.

  • Step 4

    Do not give him trouble about looking at other women. In fact, share his interest, just to make him happy from time to time. Understand that a man is tempted to look but just because he looks does not mean he will touch or go astray. The fact that he knows you will not get upset will make him much happier. Your understanding of the fact will help keep you from getting upset too.

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