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Okay, what is the one thing that every straight man seems to be after? And what is the one thing that most men seem to struggle to get, even when they are married?

You got it. It’s sex. Trying to get a woman to say yes to sex is not exactly the easiest thing that you can do. Aside from a few loose women, you cannot just come right out and ask a woman to have sex with you. You have to woo her, you have to seduce her, you have to make her feel like she just cannot stand it anymore, and she wants YOU.

So, how do you do that?

How do you get a woman to say YES to sex with you?

Here are some female seduction tips that should help:

1. In order to get a woman to say yes to sex, you need to set the mood right.

Setting is really an important thing. For some women, only the bedroom will do. For others, you need to get them wherever they feel most comfortable. The only way to truly know which is the right setting is to get her to talk about herself so that you can kind of put two and two together and decipher the appropriate setting.

2. You need to know how to kiss a woman.

If you think that just shoving your tongue down her throat is going to make her feel hot and all sexually bothered, you need to rework your plan. Sensual kissing is going to get you the extra mile and make seducing a woman happen a whole lot smoother and much more easily. Being able to kiss a woman is key to getting her to want to have sex with you.

3. She needs to feel like she is secure with you.

Most women already know all too well the social stigmas that can go along with sex. So, they tend to be a lot more careful and apprehensive of who they will sleep with and how soon it will happen. You can bypass all of this if you make her feel secure with you, and by that I also mean that she feels like you are not the kind of guy that is going to run his mouth the next day.

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