By Francis K Githinji

The worst thing that can happen to a man is when a potential relationship with a woman you are attracted to turns into friendship. Avoid such pitfalls early enough by following some carefully calculated and arousing steps. If you follow them to the letter you will discover that, its not only you that needs it badly but she is in the same situation but she has to be well aroused. From that moment when you meet with an attractive woman, contacts that are innocent combined with mild touches that are playful should be initiated. Do not be a victim of the “just friends” syndrome. Touching is among the greatest sexual nonverbal cues. Send the right signals to her by making love.

It does not have to be even remotely related to sex neither should it suggest sexual undertones. It is plain, innocent and light playful touches from the word go that really work to your advantage. Making love arouses her and makes her to stop viewing you from the perspective of a friend. Make it a point of holding her hands, touch her arms, the shoulders while talking to her. Let the touch be quite brief and it does no necessarily mean that there ought to be any skin contact. There is a possibility that this woman can love you as she has a capacity of doing exactly that. However, you will land yourself in trouble if you cannot associate yourself subconsciously with contact. Touch has a whole lot of benefits that work to your advantage.

Making love creates a conducive environment for chemistry to be at play. Chemical reaction takes place from the moment you touch a woman. A touch invokes a minor or even a major spark and her opinion starts to change slowly. Just like the break of a new dawn, she might actually start seeing and viewing you with a new light. In response to touch the body produces oxytocin which powerfully connects with the touch and the person. It is the pull factor that makes a person to be drawn to another person. It makes two people to connect accommodatingly despite the disparities in character, age, social status and culture. Combine playfulness with confidence and you will score highly as a natural attachment occurs without appearing Privy or forced. Make it fun. A release of oxytocin creates sexual arousal in both men and women but it is stronger in women.

Chemistry has never been boring especially when that oxytocin cycle comes into play. It only heightens the tempo as the urge to be touched more increases. The next touch only serves to raise a red flag for the brain to release torrents of testosterone into the system. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sexual desires and urges. More touch only increases the testosterone levels in the body and am sure you are aware what too much horniness can lead to. Responses emanating from oxytocin need to be supplemented with estrogen in order to work well. Although everybody has estrogen women definitely carry more and the reason for making love with them. If you can recall those contact responses that were so electrifying, then the response is close to 10 times stronger when it comes women.

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