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Here are some concrete ideas:

-Play footsie under the table

-Make dinner in JUST an apron

-Come up behind him and initiate a sexual encounter when he’s least expecting it

-Try doing things in an unexpected place: a park, a janitor’s closet, in the woods, in a relative’s bathroom, or in an airplane bathroom

-Play strip poker

-Give him a strip tease

-Have phone/text sex

-Send him naughty pictures of yourself when one of you’s away on a business trip.

-Suprise him at work for a quickie

-Come home early and dim the lights. leave a trail of clothes/candles/flowers leading up to the bedroom and wait on the bed in your underwear.

-Buy some new, really sexy underwear. Or even a sexy costume

-Try role playing

-Dance dirty together in a night club

-Eat food off him

-Be his love slave for a night and let him do whatever he wants to you, even take orders

-Talk dirty to him

-When he’s watching tv, go down on him during a commercial break

Anyway, have fun and just keep practicing!