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Ramp Metering

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INDIANAPOLIS — Ramp metering was in its first full day of use on the southeast side of Indianapolis on Tuesday. It’s the first time in the whole state that INDOT has rolled out the traffic control system.

It’s a system of stoplights on on-ramps to interstates that tells drivers when they can merge and when they can’t. The idea behind it is to keep traffic on the interstate moving to negate bad traffic jams.

INOT has placed ramp metering lights at on-ramps on the southeast side of Indy along I-465 between I-65 on the south side to I-70 on the east side.

“I live off the ramp,” Josh Ferris said to WISH-TV. “I hope it keeps people safe and doesn’t interfere in the flow of traffic because this is my everyday commute.”

With the first day of the system being used, many drivers said they were frustrated that the lights were not turning when they pulled up to the light. INDOT is reminding you that you have to make sure you pull all the way up to the white line on the ramp in order to trigger the lights with the weight of your car.

Some drivers were just flat-out not a fan of it.

“It’s going to create a lot of traffic backup on the ramp from people not knowing how to merge in the situation,” Mike Butler said.

“I’ve done it in other cities and didn’t care for it,” added Steve Cooper

For now, INDOT has not released any other plans to expand ramp metering to other parts of the city or the state.

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