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Suzanne Crouch

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INDIANAPOLIS — Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch explains that roughly 80% of the money you earn before taxes gets spent in our economy. That’s why she believes Indiana should eliminate income tax.

Indiana is ranked 10th in the nation for tax rates by The Tax Foundation, which is okay. However, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch believes there’s room for improvement. She aims to give Hoosiers more money by gradually reducing the state’s income tax rate faster than the current approach.

“We are going to ax the tax,” Crouch told WIBC’s Tony Katz. “Governors before me have considered it,  but nobody has taken the steps to do it because it is a bold idea.”

Crouch says local government spending has risen fifty percent over the last ten years. However, during the 2021-2023 spending sessions, Indiana saw local government spending increase by nearly twenty percent.

She also says that the state’s economic progress has been hindered by an approach that relies heavily on top-down decision-making and lacks input and ideas from local leaders.

“I believe what we have seen in economic development here in Indiana over the last 20-25 years is a very top-down, state-driven, paternalistic attitude toward economic development.”

Boone County’s LEAP Project was launched without a proper water plan.

Crouch spoke with WIBC’s Tony Katz for a week-long series featuring every Republican candidate for Indiana Governor.

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