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Nicki Minaj is to this day one of the biggest artists in the Hip-Hop game, But can her sister follow in her footsteps and establish herself as a star in her own right, too?

We don’t know but she’s damn sure going to try as the Queens rapper’s sister, Ming Luanli, has just stepped into the music game by hopping on Rakeem Love’s “Do It Again.” She actually bares a resemblance to Nicki in both style, looks and even tone. Adding some rap bars to the R&B cut, Ming uses a slow flow to stand out on the song raping, “My condolences, we lost a real one to a poser/closing this door is the only way that I’m getting closure/must suck to lose the one you love to someone who barely knows ya, but I’m never going back-to-back change my contact to Rosaaaa.”

Whether or not the Barbz embrace Nicki’s little sis remains to be seen, but it’s obvious she’s going to be following her rap dreams regardless of how she’s received following this track.

Check out Ming Luanli do her thing in “Do It Again,” and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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