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Scott Adams, cartoonist and author and creator of "Dilbert", poses for a portrait in his home office on Monday, January 6, 2014 in Pleasanton, Calif. Adams has published a new memoir "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story

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There’s a reason we’re facing the very real possibility that Donald Trump will, once again, be the president of the United States in 2024. Republicans have the advantage of appealing to people who don’t know things.

They can tell their constituents that illegal immigrants are causing crime to surge because they know their followers won’t do the bare minimum research it would take to know there haven’t been any surges in crimes in the cities most migrants have come to, and, in fact, in many of those cities, crime rates have fallen. It’s the same reason Republicans can convince their voters that critical race theory is the Devil’s bible without demonstrating that they know anything about CRT or explaining why they just started talking about it in 2020 when the framework has existed in academia since 1989.

And, of course, Trump and the GOPropagandists have successfully convinced the MAGA world that voter fraud cost Trump the 2020 election, and that elections in the U.S. are generally insecure without providing a shred of evidence that any of that is true.

This brings us to Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator who tied a noose around the neck of his career when he advised white people to stay away from Black people all because of a right-wing survey in which a small sample size of Black people failed to answer in the affirmative a loaded question about whether “it’s OK to be white.”

Scott Adams took to X to remind us how gullible he is and how easy it is to convince people of things when they willfully ignore demonstrable facts.

“We can disagree on whether there is proof the 2020 election was rigged,” Adams tweeted Monday. “But can we all agree our election systems are not fully auditable and lots of stuff goes ‘missing’ the day after the election?”

“Our system is not designed for us to know it worked or did not work,” he continued. “That’s not an accident.”

Adams is essentially doing the “agree to disagree” runaround that ignorant people on the internet use to deflect from the fact that they don’t know what they’re talking about. We absolutely can determine that there’s no “proof the 2020 election was rigged” because, four years later, none has been presented, and virtually all of the thoroughly debunked allegations made have resulted in the accusers drowning in defamation lawsuits.

To be fair, it was a Republican who tried to school Adams on his nonsense about how “our election systems are not fully auditable.” Republican Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer responded to Adams with facts that the comic strip creator predictably rejected blindly.

“Hi Scott! Big fan of your work (minus the racist stuff of course),” Richer began. “No election is perfect. And no election administrator would ever claim a perfect election. But U.S. elections are actually designed to be auditable; they must be reconciled; and they must be tested.”

“For example, while some countries allow digital voting (e.g. Brazil) or even internet voting (e.g. Estonia), the vast, vast majority of U.S. jurisdictions (93%) use paper ballots,” he continued. “This can put to rest any allegation of hacking. This can put to rest any allegation of “vote switching.” This means there is an auditable paper trail that can be tested after the election.”

Scott Adams basically hit Richer with the “I ain’t reading all that” response before continuing to demonstrate how little he knows about how elections work, which Richer responded to by continuing to waste his bandwidth on someone who would rather remain ignorant.

Adams also appears to be unaware that virtually every study has shown that voter fraud in America is extremely rare. Hell, while Trump was still president, he launched a voting integrity commission, which he swiftly disbanded after they failed to find any evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Richer also noted to Adams that dozens of judges across lower courts, appellate courts and the Supreme Court joined the former head of election cybersecurity, Trump’s own attorney general and the Department of Justice in determining that there was no evidence of a rigged election.

“I’m sure you’re aware that were many, many legal challenges to the November 2020 election — close to 100 by my last count,” Richer wrote. “Many of these afforded evidentiary hearings. For a summary, see this report. For anyone claiming significant error or fraud in the 2020 election, that person would have to explain why the courts got it wrong, every single time. Or why plaintiffs consistently demurred when asked for evidence in court.”

Again, Richer was pretty much wasting his digital breath on Scott Adams and others like him who have never met an inconvenient fact they didn’t they didn’t want to flush down the “woke” toilet.

It’s pathetic, but it’s also the ignorance that will put a buffoon back in office.


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