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Step 1


If you’ve been feeling lonely for any length of time, chances are you’ve also been looking for a companion. Loneliness can drive us into some pretty bizarre and unhealthy relationships. Resist the urge to fall head over heals in love with a stranger online. Don’t even think about calling your loser ex. Stop looking for love in desperate places and start investing your energy into something positive: yourself. When love finally comes around again, you’ll have a lot more to offer that special someone.

  • Step 2


    Use your free time to learn the history of an exotic art. Take a class in cinema. Learn something that will make you more interesting conversation. The more you know, the more you can talk about. The more unique information you can share, the more compelling your company will be.

  • Step 3


    Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn guitar or how to perform great magic tricks. Now you finally have the time to do it. Learn how to build furniture or paint a landscape. Each little talent you develop makes you a more interesting person. Part of learning to deal with loneliness is learning how to avoid it in the future. Show the deep, complicated, gifted person you are and you’ll keep that special someone impressed.

  • Step 4


    Sure, you may need to lose a few pounds, but there are probably other areas of your life that aren’t as healthy as they should be. If you have a bad habit, such as drinking, swearing, or fighting, use your time alone to get over it. Put the smokes down. Learn to control your temper. Do whatever you have to do to enter your next relationship as a healthy adult and you’ll do a lot to ensure you won’t be lonely again.

  • Step 5


    Loneliness doesn’t last forever. You won’t always be alone. Keep things in perspective. Realize that this is a temporary situation and that if you really want company, the positive things you do for yourself will attract others to you. Nothing is hopeless. Your true love is on the way. It’s your job to get ready!