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By Von-Anise McCoy

Studies show that as we get older our priorities change, those hot guys that have nothing to offer but hot sex on a platter, we see through them right to the core of a big ball of mess. Security equals happiness, so uncertainty in your future partner is a turn off.

We all remember our grandmother saying that relationships work better when the man likes the woman more. The theory behind this school of thought is that women take the relationship with us everywhere that we go and men do not. A common example: When a woman sees a man wearing a shirt that she likes she thinks, ‘I wonder if my boyfriend will look good in that?’ When a man sees a woman wearing a shirt that he likes he thinks, “Nice rack.” If you subscribe to this theory then here are the three guys you may want to take another look at, while heading down the dating path try to end at a relationship:

3 Guys That Will Get The Single Girl Through the Holiday Season

The Short Guy:He is smaller then you and hopefully he knows it so he will work harder to win your affections. You will brush him off a couple of times making him work even harder, and the good thing is, men love a chase. Height used to be a deal-breaker but if his Napoleon complex is not too huge, then he could really be a great catch.

Geeky: As long as he has come to grips with the fact that someone finally wants him. Hopefully, he is not in the ”late bloomer stage,” still trying to bed as many women as possible to make up for all of the lost time. The geeks of world can almost always turn into a good relationship if the two of you have similar interests. He may not be into the chase that much because he probably got rejected a lot– so try not to play “The Rules” on your geek–he will run.

Different Culture/Race: This guy can be so different and so fun. The two of you already are from different backgrounds, so he will almost always be accepting of you for who you are. Once you get over the difference, you can discover how much alike the two of you are.