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STATEWIDE — Hoosier workers across the state are owed a total of $1.2 Million Dollars in back wages according to the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division.

The division specializes in finding instances where employees may have been paid regular time when they were owed overtime, people who moved without notifying employers leading to missing checks, or even waiters who missed out on wages from tables who walked out without paying.

The Wage and Hourly division find the amount a person might be owed by looking at employer’s records from the past two years. They will hold on to lost wages for up to three years. After that, the money goes to the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
In order to help Americans claim their lost wages the Department of Labor has set up a search tool on their website called “Workers Owed Wages.” Individuals can search by employer to find if the company they work for owes any back wages, then find themselves within the company records.
If you are owed back wages, you will be emailed a “back wage claim form” which will require at least one of the following forms of identification:
          – Copy of your Social Security card
          – Copy of your Individual Taxpayer Identification Card (ITIN)
          – Copy of Driver’s license/State ID
          – W-2
          – Pay stub
          – Any other supporting documentation verifying your identity

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