Inspire U: The Podcast

By Tina L. Jones

Do you know how to trigger a man’s desire for commitment and make him fall in love? Has your relationship stalled to the point that you are becoming frustrated or irritated? Would you like to know where you stand so you can decide whether to stay or move on? If you want to make a man fall in love, learn the techniques that no man can resist.

You may presently be in a relationship in which you know the guy likes you, but you cannot tell if he’s in love or ready for commitment just yet. Men are agonizingly slow when it comes to the topic of love and commitment, but don’t fight it. Learn to work with a man’s timetable when it comes to these things. Otherwise you are just spinning your wheels without making any progress.

First, learn to change your perspective on commitment. It’s not something that you can force or shove into a timetable. Commitment to something requires a connection that takes place on several levels. Think about commitments you make in your own life. For instance, if you choose to financially support a charity, a couple things have occurred inside of you to make that happen. If you just got sucked in by one compelling commercial or mailing, then you may give a small, one time donation just because the charity’s mission captured your attention for a second or two. You don’t consider yourself a part of the charity nor do you feel very invested in the ultimate outcome. This is how men feel at the beginning of a relationship. You have caught there interest and they are willing to explore the possibility, but that’s it.

Now think about giving a recurring monthly gift to a specific charity. In order to get you to invest money repeatedly in their program, they not only captured your interest, but they’ve also made an emotional connection with you that makes you want to give to them on an ongoing basis. You feel like you are part of the charitable organization and you are invested in the outcome. This is how men feel when they are committed. They’ve invested themselves into a future with you. They see that you share similar goals and interests. You’ve bonded on a deep level. That’s the kind of commitment that makes him fall in love.

Here are some additional things about relationships to keep in mind.

If you feel like you are the only one doing all the work in the relationship, sit down and make a list of all your contributions. Then ask yourself this question about each one. “Does he value this contribution?” There are two conclusions you can come to. Either it isn’t something he’s asked for or specifically wants, but for some reason you have been thinking that he wants it. Or he is taking that contribution for granted. After asking this question, and if you are not sure if a specific contribution is something he wants or even cares about, ask him about it. Tell him that you’ve been doing xyz because you thought it was something he wanted but now you are not sure. Men are usually very practical. If it’s something he likes he’ll tell you. If it is something doesn’t care about, he’ll tell you.

One of the biggest sources of misunderstanding in a relationship is thinking that he wants the same thing you do. Don’t make assumptions. Tell him that you want to understand things from his perspective and then make a conscious decision to do so. Practically speaking, this means the next time he does something hurtful and you begin to make assumptions about why, stop. Think about it from his perspective. What was going on for him when it took place? Having an understanding attitude is very inviting to a man. If you learn

to think about his perspective, he won’t be able to resist falling in love with you.

Men can be very confusing at times, but these insights will get you on the right track to create a deeper level of connection with a man and getting him to the place where he’s ready to fall in love.

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