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Once again, someone out there is enamored with the thought that black men are suffering from a sort of “white flight.”

While it’s true that you may see a lot of successful entertainers and athletes with white women … In the hood?  … not so much.

But one website/blog is exploring the fascination with white women and has started a dialogue for everyone to weigh in on.

The site,, has put together a plethora of examples that may or may not be surprising in an effort to open up the floor to this discussion.  Black men and women have been in the crosshairs of the world for centuries.  The only unusual dynamic playing itself out in black relationships is that in the trenches, we aren’t getting closer, we are at war there, too.  It should be a fascinating undertaking to find out why.

But, until we get to the bottom of the controversy, check out the pictures that generated to explore the many relationships out there that have the consistent formula of:

Negro + Anyone but black women = Happiness

You might wanna click over and check out the many photos of famous black and white couples. Trust us, there’s a couple of “Who Knew?!” flicks/moments in the

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