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Source: (Photo by Jiri Hera/Getty.)

JACKSON COUNTY, Ind. – Police say a woman has been arrested after she helped poison her father-in-law late last year.

29-year-old Ashley Jones might have helped her mother, Marsha Allen, kill Harold Allen by poisoning him in December of 2022.

Apparently, Marsha Allen told officers that her home had been burgled in September of this year.  After investigating, they arrested two men in connection with the burglary.

But, this is where the story takes a strange turn.

During this time, officers also learned that Jones had possibly helped the two men commit the crime.

They say they eventually found messages between Marsha Allen and Jones, in which the two talked about how they would poison Harold Allen.

Earlier this week, Marsha Allen’s family contacted law enforcement, saying they could not get ahold of her.  She was later found dead at her home, with no signs of violence.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department says Jones is now facing charges including murder and burglary.

Apparently, she admitted to ordering ethylene glycol online, which her mother then placed in her father-in-law’s drink.

Police are still investigating.

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