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According to helium gifts

5) Diamonds and Women’s Accessories. I doubt you’ll find too many women who say they don’t like diamonds, particularly as Christmas gifts. They are always welcome in necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and watches. And speaking of bracelets, women like all kinds of these wrist accessories. But remember guys, women like to match; something you’ll quickly find if you go shopping with one.

4) Makeover. Scheduling a makeover for the woman who already has everything is a Christmas gift that is most certainly appreciated. As a guy, I have no idea what they do in there. I just assume that overall it is an improvement in hair, makeup, cheekbones, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, skin tone, teeth, lips, and perhaps the shape of the nose. Whatever it entails, word has it that a makeover makes a great Christmas gift for the woman who already has everything.

3) Romantic Weekend Getaway. Depending on your taste, this Christmas gift may include a three-day weekend for two in the Caribbean, Walt Disney World, or a Colorado Springs ski chateau. Research this by perusing Conde Nast’s website or Travel and Leisure Magazine at Look for vacation packages and great deals on fancy hotels and classy restaurants. If the hotel offers spa treatments, all the better (for her of course).

2) Massage/Facial/Spa Treatment. I’m not sure how many men would jump up in adulation at the prospect of a massage and a facial as a Christmas gift. But for women, it’s a real treat, and it makes a great Christmas gift. Get her an annual membership at a popular nationwide massage and wellness center. Or, take her to a local day spa for a facial and a hot-stone massage.

1) Nice Dinner Out. Dare I say a “romantic” dinner at a fancy restaurant with dim lighting and perhaps even candles, preferably on the water, tops the list of Christmas gifts for women who already have everything. Guys; women want the ambiance and romance associated with a classy culinary experience where dressing up isn’t optional. French cuisine is a good bet; Italian is always welcome as well. Try finding a classy restaurant with a fancy European name such as La Bella Casa (Italian for “The Beautiful House”). Or, take her for the ultimate romantic dinner excursion on a dinner boat down the river (two wonderful locations for dinner boat dining are Washington D.C.’s Potomac River and San Antonio’s Riverwalk).

Remember guys, you have to delve into a little feminine thinking here. I know it’s tough. But contrary to everything you’ve been taught, it may just be that the perfect Christmas gift for the woman who already has everything doesn’t come through material things, but in fun and quality time spent with her