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     So what can a woman do to make herself attract the kind of man that she likes and would love too keep in her life for a long relationship? A woman must be confident in herself and know that she is happy being the person she is, before she can ever make a man comfortable being with her. That may mean that she might have to change a little for her own self. Take some classes or see a counselor. One good way to take a personal inventory of one’s self is too make a list of the things you like about yourself and the things that you agree may need to be changed.

One positive change may be a new make over. Get a different style hair cut. Have someone show you the correct way to put on your makeup. What colors are better for evening.wear.

A change of fragrance may also be called for. What you are looking to achieve is just to be more “noticed.” As the compliments come your way. You will know your new attempts are working just fine.

Men are sight oriented. Meaning they are first attracted by what they see. So appearance is something that always comes to mind when you ask yourself “What does the average red blooded American man want in a woman.” You do not have to be a run way diva or be anything other than who you are. There are many men out there that are attracted to larger women, so shape does not even count us big girls out.

Men watch to see how you carry yourself. If you take time to get the make up right and the nails manicured. The observe the style of dress you wear and if you are a dress shoe lover or a comfy tennis shoe person.

Many men check out a woman’s smile and her eyes. They listen to her voice and watch how her mouth moves. All of which is just an erotic dance leading up to

if they want to invest time into a date night with a woman.