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Kenya Moore revealed some of the tidbits left on the cutting room floor during season fifteen of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Tuesday’s Reality With The King podcast. She said several of her storylines were clipped from the reality series and accused Marlo Hampton of being shown preferential treatment on the series. 

Moore also shared her thoughts on departed housewives, including America’s Top Model Winner and All The Queen’s Men star Eva Marcille. The reality star veteran accused her castmates of working together behind the scenes and flat-out ruining the show that was once one of the top-rated programs on the air. She argued that the show should return to an audition process and only sign housewives after seeing how they interact with the existing cast first. 

Moore shared a story from her dating life, revealed that she has already written a memoir called Invisible, and reminded the audience of what she contributed to the show by showing the ins and outs of her personal and professional life on the series. 

“You will go down in history as the most unappreciated housewife,” King told Moore. 

See what Moore shared during part two of their interview below. 

According to the Kenya Moore Carlos King interview, Kenya Moore thinks Marlo Hampton should share details regarding her felony convictions. 

“I think that Marlo is the quintessential example of why you do not make a friend of the show a housewife,” said Moore. “The desperation from her reeks because she needs that peach. I think the power is when you don’t need it.” 

Hampton and Moore have a longstanding feud, and Moore criticized Hampton for not providing details surrounding her criminal past. The cast has frequently attacked Hampton over her past. 

“We can forgive you, but we need to know why we need to forgive you,” Moore continued. “Why are you not talking about that? Why are you coming over here exhibiting the same behavior that landed you in jail and want people to think differently of you,” Moore added. “No remorse, no culpability, no kindness.” 

She questioned why Hampton had not provided an explanation for her legal troubles. “It ain’t making sense,” Moore said. “The math ain’t mathing.” 

King asked Moore if she thought Hampton was being protected by production, and Moore claimed that she thought she was. 

“I was never protected, and that makes me fucking angry as a housewife,” said Moore. 

Nene Leakes previously told King that OG housewife Kim Zolciak received special treatment on a previous episode of Reality With The King.

“I was always the one that everybody came for production was like we don’t gaf and I got all the smoke, and I got no protection, and you are sitting here making somebody who season one lied about everything including to everybody’s face about using the f word,” she continued, referencing a 2012 controversy where Hampton was called out for using a gay slur. 

Moore said that scenes depicting Hampton positively were “conveniently” embedded into the season’s final cuts. “Group scenes, all kind of scenes of mine got conveniently cut out, storylines of mine got conveniently cut out, but somehow an angel with foster care scene turns up, and that makes the cut,” said Moore. 

“My business storyline half of it was cut out. The opening of my salon is not in the season,” added the founder of Kenya Moore Haircare. “I’m literally building a multi-million dollar company before your eyes, and they are not showing the steps to do that.” 

Hampton spent time in foster care. Her philanthropic work has been featured on the show repeatedly. She is also seen seeking to have her records expunged, working with a life coach, and parenting her nephews, who lovingly call her “munty” a combination of mom and auntie. 

“The favoritism, whatever you want to call it, that’s a problem,” Moore continued. “I’m eleven seasons in minus one you never did that for me.” 

Kenya Moore accused newcomer Courtney Racquel Rhodes of being unqualified to be a housewife. 

Courtney Racquel Rhodes, who, according to the show is a cousin of Drew Sidora’s soon-to-be ex-husband Ralph Pittman. Moore has not been impressed with Rhodes’ performance. 

“You don’t deserve to be a housewife. You don’t even have a house to live in. Your husband divorced you and left you with nothing you’re literally sleeping on somebody’s sofa. You don’t talk about anything that’s relevant,” Moore said of Rhodes. 

Moore also accused Rhodes of trotting out her ex, Moore’s co-star in the erotic thriller Trois, for the cameras. “You drug Brice out from the dead to come and play like you guys have some relationship,” she said. 

She echoed fans’ critiques of the show’s current season. “How can I not be bored? I gotta work with people like Courtney,” she asked. “This is what I gotta work with? Where’s the hidden camera? Because this is not Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  

Eva Marcille would have kept her peach if it were up to Kenya Moore. 

“She shouldn’t have been fired, in my opinion,” Moore said about Marcille. “She can read, she’s beautiful, she has a great family, we’re really friends. That was kind of heartbreaking when we lost Eva.” 

The fourth wall was broken during the season fifteen cast trip to Portugal. 

Moore said casting choices made season fifteen the worst season that she had ever been a part of. “In Portugal, I cursed everybody out at the table,” said Moore. “Of course, they’re not going to show that.” 

She accused her cast mates of forming “alliances” and “coaching the new girls” 

“Because I am sitting there looking at the fakery of it all, the dumb shit that people are doing, and I just said, you know you guys are ruining the show with the fake storylines coming here with fake beefs, manufactured drama,” she said. 

“You’re just clearly ruining the show, and I said it. I said what I said to quote Nene.” 

Kenya Moore

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According to Kenya Moore, a reboot might not be the answer to the show’s casting woes. 

After a tumultuous season, the original cast of The Real Housewives of New York was sunset in favor of a complete overhaul. Some suggested that approach might work in Atlanta but Moore is not here for it. 

“Be careful what you ask for because y’all the same people that asked for Marlo to have a peach, and look where we are now,” she said to the fans during the podcast. 

Kenya Moore once went on a bizarre date with Kanye West. 

Moore said that prior to joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she went on a date with Kanye West. She said she returned to his home after he said he had to “check on something at his house,” and he left her alone, sitting on the sofa for nearly forty minutes. 

Finally, according to Moore’s interview on the podcast, she went looking for him after hearing a faint noise that led her to his location. 

“He was in the room, and then I walk in, and I look on the TV, and it was porn,” she said, erupting in a fit of laughter. 

“I was like, uh I’m going home. I was like, what the hell.” 

The ‘Trois’ star is returning to acting. 

Before she was waving her specter around on screen, Moore was building a career in Hollywood. She has written a memoir draft called Invisible and is returning to acting this fall. 

“I’m starring in a new movie coming out in the fall,” she told King. Moore was second on the call sheet during the film’s production, and she believes that the public will have additional respect for her craft after the project is released. 

“It is a riveting movie and I think people will never doubt my talent as an actress again.” 


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