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I remember some years ago I was at church, my home church evangelistic Church of God in Christ. When I was a young girl and someone came to prophesied to me and they said it’s going to happen the way you dreamed it. Don’t amend what God has said. Don’t try to change it in your mind to make it make sense, because what God has shown you and what you’ve dreamed about is so big. It’s so different till you can’t really wrap your mind up. 

So sometimes you do a less damn version of what God promised you, and I’ve been promising myself that that’s what I’m going to do. And I’m I’m it makes me think of this tour that I’m going on the fill our right tour. And it was very easy to get nervous or to compare yourself to other people and what they’ve done. And we I think we all deal with that at some point. 


But I’m super excited about what God is going to do because God is going to keep his word because he said he would. And so I just have to do my part. I have to make sure that leading up to God. Keeping his promise to me that I’m not walking in fear, anxiety or doubt that I’m not asking God to prove anything to me. God don’t have to prove anything to me because he’s God, right? And so a lot of times when you don’t trust him, then you say things like. Well, I just want to be sure. I trust it because he said. And if he said it, he’s going to make it good. 

So it is just my job to be prepared for what he has prepared for me. 

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