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INDIANAPOLIS — A group of motorcyclists are hoping to make a difference for the community.

“317 Ryders” explain how a basketball tournament will benefit a local community center.

“They think we pop wheelies, burn out, drink, get high and that’s it. That’s not it,” Dialo Thomas said.

It’s a big misconception about the biker world that doesn’t stand a chance with 317 Ryders.

“All proceeds from every gathering go to somebody’s charity or somebody’s give back for the community,” Thomas said.

Serving the community is the biggest thing that attracted Rhonda Carney to 317 Ryders.

“It’s a self-fulfillment of doing something positive, and I’m all about positive,” Carney said.

Throughout the year, 317 Ryders raise money to give to various community centers in need, as well as scholarship funding for Hoosiers and much more.

“You can’t help everybody, but you can help those that you can,” Thomas said.

Saturday they are hoping to hand over some of their proceeds from their spring basketball tournament to Hawthorne Community Center.

“That’s where the kids hangout at and they don’t get the proper funding sometimes that they need. So, why not help out because we’re in the community that the center is in. Instead of looking for outside help, the inside people also need to help,” Thomas said.

Ronald Ross said the help will do some good for the center.

“The profits will help us buy equipment, take field trips and hire new staff,” Ross said.

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