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Step 1

Choose the right place. The best place to seduce a man is somewhere you are both comfortable and of course, completely alone. You don’t want any distractions so if you are at home be sure to unplug your phone and have both your cell phones turned off. You don’t want to be distracted or interrupted while seducing him.

  • Step 2

    Wear his favorite scent. You probably already know by now what perfume you have that will intoxicate him so choose wisely. Perfume can do a lot of things for the senses, especially when it comes to seduction. Just remember to dab it on your pulse points. You don’t want it to be overpowering!

  • Step 3

    Set the mood. Wherever you decide to seduce him you might consider soft lighting and even soft romantic music. This can always be very helpful and will also help you relax and enjoy it more.

  • Step 4

    Dress for seduction. You might automatically assume this means you should wear something revealing but in reality, it’s best to just be sexy. You want to leave a little to his imagination so choose something you feel is sexy but still hides a few surprised for later.

  • Step 5

    Stay confident. Many women become discouraged when thinking about seducing their man because they lack confidence in themselves. A great way to boost your confidence; pampering. Have your hair done, get a wax or manicure, whatever will make you feel sexier and more confident in yourself.

  • Step 6

    Be subtle but turn him on. This can be the most challenging part of seducing a man. You want to turn him on and arouse him with subtle things. For instance, wet your lips occasionally. Play with your hair subtly to draw his full attention to your face and whatever else you can come up with. Just remember to be confident but not so obvious that he finds it entertaining instead of attractive.

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