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Jill Scott First Wives Club Season 3

Source: Courtesy of BET Plus

Good television can feel like a needle in a haystack. With reality shows dominating the airwaves, it’s challenging to find a series that’s both relatable and entertaining. The world needs some feel-good television that keeps you laughing and on the edge of your couch. BET Plus’s First Wives Club has both of those attributes and more.

First Wives Club is now in its third season, and the plot is still lit. The episodes are authentic, inspiring, downright funny, and, more importantly – it represents Black people in a positive light. I had the opportunity to virtually sit in front of one of the show’s leading actresses, the legendary Jill Scott herself, to discuss the latest season and get the inside scoop on some of that grand queen energy she emits. And you already know Jilly from Philly was open to conferring. And, of course, she did so with such an air of sublimity.

First Wives Club Is An Asset To Our Culture

After a quick “pinch me, I’m talking to Jill Scott” moment, I got down to business. I wanted to know Scott’s thoughts on the First Wives Club and why she believed it was beneficial for people to watch it. We agreed that the show was hilarious, which is an excellent anecdote for the times, and she also added that the show is “thoughtful” of its audience. “In this time, we need all the little joys we can get. And the cast on this show is so alive; they’re so beautiful. We’re flawless in our spirit and our energy, but we look like real people, which is great too. That’s what I love about it. It’s the writing, and it’s the energy. We can use some good energy,” remarked Scott.

Jill Scott First Wives Club Season 3

Source: Courtesy of BET Plus

Scott’s character Hazel is the nucleus of the show. Much like Jill Scott, Hazel is a talented entertainer who’s zestful, comical, passionate, and jumps headfirst into anything she does…including relationships. “I personally, I kind of get lost in the moment, and I love that about myself. Some people could look at it as flighty. Hazel is just like that. She gets lost in her emotions. I try not to do that so much, but it happens,” said Scott as she giggled shyly.

Jill Scott First Wives Club Season 3

Source: Courtesy of BET Plus / Courtesy of BET Plus

That Queen Confidence

If you’ve ever indulged in a Jill Scott song (e.g., “I Am Not Afraid“) or watched her act (e.g., Hazel in First Wives Club), you can feel her passion for self through her art. She’s in love with her being, she embraces her curves, and she gives sexy a profound meaning. She’s been at the forefront of the body positivity movement for decades, which stems from her childhood rearing. “I grew up around amazons. I think everything takes work. But I grew up around a bunch of amazon women who were absolutely powerful in themselves, owned their sexuality without any questions, and were honest with themselves and with each other. I got a chance to sit in a corner and listen to those women talk. That’s one of the reasons why I started J.ill The Podcast because I wanted to have an audience be able to sit and listen to their aunties talk – raw,” expressed Scott.

Affirming Self

In addition to her role in First Wives Club, hosting a podcast, and music, Scott is also a mother, daughter, friend, and so forth. Curious about how she handles all these roles while remaining present, I asked Scott how she nurtures herself. Because of who she is, I expected her to lay out an expensive, detailed ritual that included spa days, mud baths, diamond facials, etc. However, her answer was simple and obtainable. “Girl, I go to sleep,” declared Scott in her Philly homegirl essence. “I believe in a nap. It cleanses. Most of my ideas come from taking a nap,” she added. The “Long Walk” songstress stressed how she intentionally makes her abode comfortable so that she is able to nap anywhere. And to go along with her beauty rest, the mogul constantly feeds herself with affirmations that motivate her to continue to walk boldly in her aura. “My biggest affirmation is I am. And then I make sure to throw in some positive words behind I am. Because it’s very easy for us to get in our heads and have negative thoughts. It happens to everybody. Nobody’s adverse to it. So, I try to say good things about myself. I walk by the mirror and say, ‘hey girl, hi pretty, hi sweet.’ But you know, I do think at a certain age you kind of stop being pretty and start being foxy.” remarked Scott. And foxy she is.

According to Miss Scott, Season 3 of First Wives Club is full of “shockers, great dialogue, and surprise guests,” and you don’t want to miss it. It’s out now, and you can catch it every Thursday on BET Plus.


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