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Step 1

Being sincere beats a lie any day. Being upfront about what you want in the beginning sets the pace of loyalty to each other. Respect the nature

of her well being and show her that she deserves to build and grow with

you in every direction possible! With any great journey you make plans to succeed. Set your goals before you even start a relationship for the relationship!

  • Step 2

    Ultimately keep the fire burning! Do the unexpected! Be extraodinary with her heart! Overwhelm her in the easiest ways possible! Remind her daily that you trust her and how special she is to life itself! Always ask for her opinion before you move even if it don’t matter. Make her feel wanted at all times! Even if you talk to her daily, leave little messages for her to find in her coat pocket or e mail address or purse!

    Be better than any man she’s ever had!

  • Step 3

    Learn your good woman like the back of your hand! Never let her figure you out….stay two steps ahead of her so that so much joy arrives every time she thinks of you she gets aroused by the thought of missing you or just being without you for five minutes! The element of surprise is inevitablely delicious!

  • Step 4

    Don’t get big headed and think your the King because you finally found a Queen! Never assume! I repeat never assume…that you got her even if you do! Because as easily as she came to you she can leave at the same pace. So don’t slack up on your duties over time! Stay well groomed! keep a variety of colognes. Keep your hair cut or done as much as needed! Stay fresh! Dress very nice! Talk with confidence! Keep YOUR BODY CLEAN you never know when and where she might get freaky!

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