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Is Jennifer Hudson The Harpist on The Masked Singer?

Fans of The Masked Singer have a great debate happening. They think The Harpist is Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke said he would know Jennifer’s voice anywhere.The reason Robin Thicke feels so sure is because he and Jennifer Hudson went on tour together years ago so he would know that voice


Oprah Winfrey Parties Like A Rock Star

Niecy Nash was on Sherri Shepherd’s new talk show when she shared that she partied with Oprah and Ava DuVernay for Ava’s 50th birthday. Apparently Oprah knows how to have a good time!


There Is One Medical Term Chandra Wilson Had Trouble Saying

Chandra Wilson who has played Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy for 15 seasons had one word she could not pronounce when the hit medical series started. We all have that one word we can not say no matter how hard we try


Remember The Viral Video of The Woman Who Came Home From A Business Trip To Find Her Husband Emptied Out Their Apartment?

Do you guys remember about a year ago, there was a viral video that got over 6 million views of a woman who came home from a business trip and found the apartment she shared with her husband had been emptied out. He only left the wedding dress in the closet. Here she is giving Tamron Hall an update. I KNOW YOU LYIN! She did not take him back-she has gone to extensive therapy and has a new love in her life!