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By nehamittal

It’s inevitable: whether you’re at a party, on the subway, or watching television, you are going to look at other girls and see what you are lacking.  You know that you have a problem when your eyes are fixed on the girl with the awesome hair rather than the hot guy behind her just because you wish your hair was nicer.  It’s time to cut the comparisons and start appreciating yourself: it goes a lot further than you think!


It’s really easy to notice the positive physical characteristics of other people, but much harder to appreciate what you have yourself.  Keep in mind that other people are checking you out and comparing your hot traits to their own as well.  You might notice their awesome clothes at the same time that they can’t take their eyes off of your beautiful eyes.  All girls have some insecurities, it just comes down to whether or not they show it.  Rather than try to make a big deal of what you don’t have, flaunt what you do!  Everyone has something about them that other people desire.  Confidence is always the most attractive characteristic, because you see it and you feel it.

As I’m writing this article I feel like a complete hypocrite because trust me: I’m the first person to notice everything about people when I see them.  I let things get to me easily.  But if you stop and put everything into perspective, you really get nothing out of comparing yourself to other people besides ideas.  Rather than put yourself down because you don’t have everything that the girl across the street does, get ideas and take them to the next level. Don’t have long and luscious hair? Try the same style out with short hair.  In today’s world, people can make almost anything work as long as they really work it.

Guys find girls’ confidence very sexy.  The worst for a guy is going out and having your girl get involved in tons of drama.  There’s nothing like knowing that your girl will handle her own problems without getting jealous or envious.  When you’re out at a party and some girl starts dancing up on your guy, don’t get sad or worried.  Rather than punch her or go to the bathroom in tears, sneak up behind him and dance harder.  Show up the girl by showing her that she has nothing on you.  He will think it’s a lot hotter that you handled the situation by taking your frustration out in your moves rather than in the form of a drink all over her shirt.

So what do you say ladies? Let’s flaunt what we have and work off of each other for ideas rather than envy.  Any tips on how to learn more from other people without putting yourself down? Share!