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If you have slept on Leela James it is time you wake up and go get her 3rd album titled “My Soul.” The new disc brings Soul Music back into the 21st Century, as James’ strong voice, the backing of her band and her unique vibrations, captures the attentions of soul cronies.

In “My Soul,” Leela continues to take a more creative stance like she did on her 2005 debut of ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’, by not only writing on the majority of the songs but by singing lead and background vocals as well. In true Leela James fashion, she is also one of the Executive Producers. By taking a renaissance stance, Leela is showing everyone that she is a force to be reckoned with and that she has staying power. She solidifies this proclamation on “I Ain’t New To This,” where she addresses all the doubters as well as her previous record label.

Every song on the album brings you to a place in life, whether it is taking a stance, like in “I Want It All”, getting ready to have a good time in “Party All Night”, reminiscing about a lost love in “The Fact Is” or looking for that new love in “Supa Luva”. Her duet with Raheem DeVaughn on “Mr. Incredible Ms. Unforgettable” has me ready to put on my Super Girl Cape and go out and find my Mr. Incredible.

Leela’s lyrics and music arrangements transcends time and would be just as relevant in 1960’s as it is today. Her tone makes you feel every word she sings. If you can’t feel the stories Leela is telling through her songs and if your feet are not doing a two step then you are not listening. For all those that know of Leela, it is time you add this album to your collection. For those who don’t, it is time to get familiar because Leela is showing that she plans to be a presence in Soul/R&B music for many more years to come.