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INDIANAPOLIS — Coming off of significant victories at the Red Bull BC One and the Breaking For Gold USA breakdance competitions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Carmarry Hall, known by her b-girl name as Pep-C, is hard at work to certify her spot on Team USA at the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France — the sport’s Olympic debut.

“You’re competing against the best to see where you rank amongst the elite breakers,” Hall told WRTV. “It’s really exciting.”

After the International Olympic Committee announced in December 2020 to include breakdancing as a new sport in the 2024 Summer Olympics, Hall decided to ramp up her training.

The decision to become an Olympic hopeful wasn’t one made lighting, as Hall describes. She says that the breaking community was initially nervous and skeptical of becoming an Olympic sport.

“Because it’s so dear to us culturally, and we didn’t want that to be whitewashed. Like, we didn’t want that to be watered down — the cultural aspect of it,” Hall said, explaining breakers’, also known as b-girls or b-boys, fears of going more mainstream.

“But if we stay engaged, then, you know, that won’t happen,” she continued. “It depends on us.”

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