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Step 1

**Stay Calm**

If you and another party are on the verge of an argument, remind yourself to stay as calm as possible. Arguing like a raving loony will only reduce your credibility on the topic at hand. Like the saying goes, a cool head is a rational one. If you want to successfully argue your viewpoint in a debate, be confident enough in your argument not to resort to childlike behavior.

  • Step 2

    **Avoid Finger-Pointing**

    … And this goes double for name-calling. During the heated conversation, you want to stress why your viewpoint is valid. Do not allow your main focus to be on attacking the opposition. Playing the “blame game” only distracts from your argument. If your viewpoint is a solid one, then you can argue on its behalf without resorting to such tactics.

  • Step 3

    **Leave the Grandstanding for Circus Performers**

    Wildly animated gestures during an argument are distracting (and sometimes scary to those around you). Don’t let your body language to speak louder than your words. It will only serve only to tarnish your image as a level-headed debater.

  • Step 4

    **Take a Breather**

    If the argument is taking a turn for the worst, even after trying the preceding tactics, it’s time to take a break from the conversation. Tell the other party you need a glass of water, a bathroom break, or just some fresh air. Use this time to do deep breathing exercises and to regain your focus. Come back to the conversation with a positive attitude.

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