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Step 1

Ok so make sure you have a great guy to be giving your best to. If your married then obviously you have so congrats! Now how to keep him???hmmm…Well its not so hard! don’t worry.

  • Step 2

    Your guy is like your other half he completes you right?? So show him! Most men don’t want to hear you say it but would like you to show your love in interesting ways. You need to keep your relationship alive and fresh. You both my be busy with work, kids, life but you should always make time for each other. Do what he likes to do and learn to enjoy it, if you don’t well don’t show it, you will look like a brat. Because you know he does things for you just to make you happy and feel good so why not put a lil effort into something you might not enjoy.

  • Step 3

    Be his backup, his look out. If you know someone is doing him wrong or if he is doing something that he might not know is wrong or might backfire, speak up and tell him! Let him know you are worried and you don’t want anything bad to happen to him. HE will really appreciate that in this world of fakes and sneaky people he can rely on YOU to be his rock in a time of need.

  • Step 4

    GO out with him and his friends or just the two of you. GO to dinner then maybe a place were you need to converse with each other and have fun, i suggest a bar or maybe the club, the pressure is off when you are at places like that with your guy. its not like when you are single and looking how you need to look your best and have all kinds of crazy guys hitting on you. This is different you have your guy with you and all you need to do is be yourself and relax and show him you can be fun and exciting. One suggestion is go with friends or other couples and try not to stick to your guys side all night, go mingle with your friends and just have fun while he is with the guys. Every once in while look his way and smile like your checking him out and cant wait to you are alone with him, he will love that!

  • Step 5

    Try to never get in the habit of the sweats and blah hair daily routine. You need to look your best most of the time so he can stay interested. Especially when you go out. You want to put on the Kitten heels and spend a lil extra time on looking good, show him what a great looking girl he has on his arm. Im not saying to do this everyday but consistent not caring about how you look will seem like you just aren’t trying or even care.

  • Step 6

    So im going to add this extra step because it is important. The bedroom… or where ever it is you guys share your love ;). You have to keep it new and fresh all the time. Go to the store and get a cute/sexy bra and panties for a special night or just be open to new ideas he might have or that you have wanted to try. I wont get into details because im not sure what’s appropriate on this site but you should get the idea of what im saying. Its always a great thing when he can look at all of the ways you share your love with him and he can be satisfied in every aspect of the relationship. Just be a great woman for your great man.

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