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Step 1

He makes plans. Guys who want relationships with you make plans with you. Whether that means they pick up in their Lexus and take you to a nice restaurant or they skateboard over to your house to watch MTV doesn’t really matter (unless your skateboarder also has Lexus. Then you might have an issue). Whatever the plans are, the point is that he’s called you ahead of time to make them.

  • Step 2

    He shows up. Yes, sometimes things really do come up at work or band practice or whatever, but they don’t come up that often. If he’s late or cancels at the last minute once, fine. If he keeps doing it, he’s dropping you for something better (in his mind).

  • Step 3

    He notices your needs. No matter how crowded the party or how many people are in the hallway, he acknowledges you with a smile and a touch on the arm. He says, “Bless you” when you sneeze. He holds the door open, offers his jacket when it’s chilly, gets you a drink. If he’s swamped at work, he sends emails and texts often. He actually listens when you talk.

  • Step 4

    He doesn’t force the intimacy issue. He lets you take the lead in how fast things move physically, or he even holds you back. He wants to get to know you first.

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