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An East Boston Municipal Court judge has reminded us how racism-friendly America often is. (Not that we needed a reminder.)

On February 15, 2020, a 46-year-old Latino woman and her 15-year-old daughter were walking home from the mother’s birthday dinner when rabid white women caught them speaking Spanish to each other,” according to 10 Boston. Now, we all know white women tend to suffer from severe allergic reactions after being exposed to the mere concept of minding their own business, but in this case, things went well beyond garden-variety Karen nonsense.

Prosecutors said the two women shouted, “This is America,” and told the victims to “speak English” and “go back to your f****** country” as they punched, kicked, and bit them. One of the women admitted to the attack, which, again, involved a 15-year-old child, but she won’t be doing any jail time because of the way whiteness is set up in America, even racists who attack children don’t deserve to have their freedom taken away.

“Jenny Leigh Ennamorati admitted to sufficient facts to five charges last week in connection with the February 2020 incident, and a judge in East Boston Municipal Court continued the case without a finding for a 15-month probationary period,” 10 Boston reported. “That means the charges could be dismissed if Ennamorati complies with the conditions of probation, the Suffolk district attorney’s office said in a statement Thursday.”

So basically, Ennamorati was able to resolve two counts of assault and battery, two counts of violating another person’s civil rights, and one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon– through what is called a “desperate plea,” which, according to 10 Boston, means, “Rather than a plea deal, when the prosecution and defense come to an agreement, each side made its own recommendation and the judge came to his own decision.”

And that judge’s decision was basically, “Meh, a vicious and racist verbal and physical attack on a mother and her child? Let’s just make her sit around the house for 15 months and think about what she’s done.”

As for the other woman accused of engaging in the white-supremacists-gone-wild attack, charges against her are still pending.

“The court’s failure to impose meaningful community service underscores how far the judicial system still has to go in appropriately handling hate crimes at a time when racial tensions are at an all-time high,” Lawyers for Civil Rights attorney Myraida Melendez said.

The civil rights legal aid group also said “the court met racism and bigotry with leniency and tolerance” in a statement Wednesday.

“The violent actions and hateful and racist behavior this individual admitted to have no place in our society,” District Attorney Kevin Hayden said in a statement. “My office has been in close contact with the victims in this case and will continue to provide support to them and to the East Boston community.”

As for those victims, who have only been identified by their last name, Vasquez, the mother said she and her daughter “have avoided speaking Spanish in public because we fear being targeted.” And the daughter said, “Because of this attack, I am reserved, shy, and scared of making new friends. I am afraid that they will be able to hear my accent and bully me.”

And that, my friends, is just a small example of how white supremacy operates. White people get mad, courts don’t care and people of color are left with minimal “justice” or no justice at all.


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