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Step 1

Create An Atmosphere:

Spice up your bedroom for a romantic evening with your wife.

Make it as romantic as you can think of. Remember that romance equates to sex in a woman’s mind so go for romance not sex.

Buy new sheets for the bed. Silk or satin sheets are awesome for a romantic evening, but even a high quality, high thread count cotton will feel luxurious.

Add flowers and candles, remember not to light them until you are in the room together.

A box of her favorite chocolates strategically placed near the bed is a good idea.

  • Step 2

    Wine and Dine Her:

    Take your wife out to her favorite restaurant or to the most expensive restaurant that you can afford and you both enjoy.

    Don’t be cheap because that is a real turn off. Let her have dessert and a good bottle of wine.

    Remember that romance is the key. Focus on romance and all of your love making dreams will come true. For women, a good conversation and snuggling on the couch is just as hot as any kind of physical foreplay.

    Romance her mind and her body will follow.

    Knowing how to have more sex with your wife tonight will help you to create a special bond.

  • Step 3

    Let Her Decide:

    Let your wife decide what you will do after dinner and be happy no matter what her choice is. You can even offer up some of her favorite things to do that you normally complain about such as dancing.

    If your wife is happy and her stomach is full she will be more inclined to want to head to the romantic bedroom that you have created. Remember not to be too pushy, allow her to decide when and where you two go.

    If you follow her lead and set the scene, she will eventually find her way to the bedroom.

    Knowing how to have more sex with your wife tonight will help you to create a special bond.

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