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1. Economists Letter: Pass a Stimulus Package

What You Need To Know:

Well over 100 economists have signed an open letter calling on Congress to put together another stimulus package to help Americans still suffering from the physical and economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

2. Iowa Republican Steve King Faces Backlash After Questioning Kamala Harris’ Ancestry

What You Need To Know:

Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa is facing backlash after asking Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on social media whether she descended from “slaves or slave owners.”

3. Coronavirus Update: U.S. Infections Could Double Before Biden Takes Office


What You Need To Know:

According to the Washington University in St. Louis forecasting model, the U.S. will almost double the number of Covid-19 infections in the next two months, reaching a staggering 20 million cases by January 20.

4. Shooting of Black Man in Omaha Sparks Protests

What You Need To Know:

Protests in Omaha, Nebraska erupted over the weekend after police fatally shot 35-year-old Kenneth Jones.

5. Small Businesses Maintain Their Rightful Place As The U.S. Economy’s Backbone

What You Need To Know:

Small businesses are on the rise reaching their highest quarterly level on record at 40%, building on the 883,000 plus business applications submitted during the second quarter of 2020.

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