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On a number of porn sites, an advertisement suggests that apple cider vinegar makes the male genitals area larger. As VICE informed us, these ads are detailed with a bottle of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar being poured onto a veiny pecker eluding to the idea that it increases the size.

Another ad showed, soaking a tampon in the apple cider vinegar, then inserting it anally can also enhance the penis size too.

According to Medical News Today, “Apple cider is fermented apple juice. Manufacturers make apple cider vinegar from apple cider. Apple cider commonly contains alcohol, so apple cider vinegar may also have alcohol content.”

Healthline shows that there is a link between apple cider vinegar and Erectile Dysfunction. “Some explored health benefits of ACV are blood glucose control, weight management, and heart disease prevention. The idea that apple cider vinegar can treat erectile dysfunction may come from the fact that it helps treat some of the causes of ED.”

The medical editor of Ro Health Guide,  Yael Cooperman, MD, addressed the strange remedy of using apple cider vinegar to help performance and/or size. “There’s no evidence at all that apple cider vinegar will make your penis bigger, but you might end up with some serious damage down there if you try.”

The idea that inserting the apple cider can also help, Cooperman clarified that “vinegar can damage the delicate lining of your colon, causing bleeding and extremely painful ulcers.” He continues, “any damage to your colon can allow the bacteria that live in your digestive system to enter your bloodstream, causing a serious and potentially deadly infection.”

So in other words, that’s a no, it doesn’t work, and stop doing it. If you suffer from ED, speak to your doctor. Don’t do any home remedies. If you aren’t happy with your size, accept what God gave you. It’s ok, someone likes it, but you have to like yourself first.


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