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Bradley Beal Post Game 4/12/21

Source: Washington Wizards / Radio One Digital

Monday night the Washington Wizards ended the Utah Jazz 24 at home winning streak but that’s not the headline of the night. Even Russell Westbrook adding another triple-double to his ever-growing collection isn’t the headline. As we’ve all witnessed over the weekend, protesters took the streets after another police murder in America. Daunte Wright is a name we shouldn’t know in this way but because a police officer grabbed her gun by “mistake” instead of her pepper spray, we are screaming out for justice yet again.

Wizards’ guard, Bradley Beal has been at the forefront of NBA players who have spoken out about police brutality and social justice. Beal shared that he agrees that it was a smart decision for Timberwolves and Bucks to cancel their games tonight to stand with the protest happening in Minnesota.

“I think that’s a no-brainer. I haven’t seen the footage of what actually happened with Daunte, but just hearing about what happened – I’m not a police officer, but it’s very hard for you to mistake a taser for a gun. I don’t know. I’m not about to sit here and say all police are like that. In that situation, I don’t know, I’m not falling for that one,” Beal said.

Beal continued as he expressed his feelings on the injustice against U.S. Army second lieutenant Caron Nazario who was pepper-sprayed and kicked by police officers despite cooperating with their demands during a traffic stop back in December in Windsor, Va.

“I’ve even got another one. Even the fellow troop that was arrested and the officer said ‘yeah, you should be scared.’ That’s bulls—, because here you have a guy who literally lives and fights to protect so we can wake up every damn day. What if he decides to use his military skills on those police officers? Would he be in the wrong? Like, where does it stop? You have somebody who protects us in the military. Would you trade spots with him? But you’ve got a gun in your hand and there’s a lot of power behind that gun,” Beal said.

All of this plays out as we go into Day 12 of the Derek Chauvin Trial. Changes in our country need to be made not now, but right now.

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