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Can you still be you?

When others ask us to compromise in some way for the relationship, it’s important to check in with ourselves and ask if this compromise is in direct conflict with our genuine selves. If it is, then maybe you’re not with the right match.

Are you people-pleasing?

If you’re a people-pleaser, you may have lost the ability to determine when a compromise that is asked of you is fair and healthy

If your priority is to make others happy, you likely won’t ask yourself if the compromise is fair.

The privacy dilemma

We discussed the boundary of privacy, and that some partners may ask you to agree to not tell outsiders what goes on inside of your relationship.

You can still have a single identity

While being a caring partner does mean considering another’s feelings when you make decisions, don’t let that slide into a place of losing your individual identity. For many, “that new relationship replaces them as an individual or a single person.




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