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What about specifically in romantic relationships?

When it comes to romantic relationships, one thing that can trigger trust issues, says is when a partner has many friends of the opposite sex.  This can be a natural part of being in a relationship, depending on the person you are with, and shouldn’t necessarily be a reason to be insecure.


What’s a common reaction when triggered?

When someone is triggered they will most likely believe whatever the worst negative thought in their mind is as a way to prepare for the worst.


Keep lines of communication open

When we’re triggered, we’re afraid, and a natural reaction might be to just retreat.


A better way to respond

The first thing to do is to take a few deep breaths. Try to calm yourself, and your body down.

Typically when we are triggered, it is not just experienced mentally, but our body experiences it as well.


Focus on facts over feelings

While your feelings may be, “I’m not safe” or “It’s happening again,” focusing on the facts of the relationship and the situation might chase those thoughts away.



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