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Lil Nas X Satan Shoes



Nike is denying having any connection to rapper Lil Nas X’s new satanic line of sneakers.  Nas X announced he is collaborating with MSCHF to create 666 pairs of “Satan Shoes” made from Nike Air Max 97s.  Along with being decorated with a pentagram and a Bible verse about Satan, the shoes contain a drop of human blood in the sole.  Nike said not only did they not create the shoe, but they also do not endorse them.

The rapper announced the shoes shortly after he released a music video for his latest song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name.)”  In the video, he gives the devil a lap dance after falling from what appears to be the Garden of Eden.

Source | NBC News

Lil Nas X & Nike’s “Satan Shoes” Has The Christian Sneaker Community Clutching Its Pearls
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