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If you are/were an athlete and had to use IcyHot, you learned the hard way that the worse thing you could do after applying the ointment on those aching muscles was to then hop into a tub of water because that Icy will turn to Hot in 0 to 60 seconds making you forget all about the reason you applied IcyHot on your muscles in the first place.

NBA legend now commentary, Shaquille O’Neal, had a flash back in a recent interview when he had to ‘Leave The Door Open‘ and let his lil soldiers breathe after he accidently rubbed IcyHot on them then made the mistake of trying to wash it off of them with water only to have his lil guys  start singing ‘Fire‘ by The Ohio Players.  Lucky for Shaq he didn’t have any shame in his game when he started hoping around trying to fan the flames so to speak when a locker room janitor asked his what was wrong, then told him to bath his soldiers in milk.

I’m sure Shaq didn’t think it was funny at the time but that story is hilarious now.

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