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There are many great benefits to rocking a protective hair style. Wigs, weaves or braids allow you to care for your natural hair with less effort and stress on your strands. Whether it’s the plaits under your wig, or the foundation of your sew-in or crotchet braids, these styles help promote growth without the effects of harsh daily maintenance. But you should also be tending to your tresses underneath, especially when it comes to styles that may cause tension or pulling that can cause thinning in delicate parts of your scalp. All of which is why you should invest in good hair products that do the work for you and nourish your natural hair.

That’s where celebrity hairstylist and shop owner Cherie Amor recommends her very own hair oil. Amor has worked with celebrity women like Jessica White, Cardi B’s sister Hennessy and designer Milano as well as thousands of women in the NYC area, who frequented her salon over 20 years.

We caught up with the hair mastermind, whose inaugural “Hair I Am” summit called for her fellow stylists to adopt a collaborative over competitive mindset. The CEO and owner of Elegance Of Amor gave us a few tips for maintaining and growing your hair under a weave.

Cherie Amor - Celebrity Hair Stylist

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What products work best under a weave?

I have my own hair growth oil Elegance of Amor Hair Growth Oil that I use constantly on my clients. It works wonders, and I have received great reviews. It costs $24.99 for the 2oz and $35.00 for the 4oz. Oils are great because it is absorbed into the scalp and doesn’t get into the hair, which may weigh it down or make it greasy.

How often should women get their hair trimmed in-between sew-ins or wig braid downs?

Every 6-8 weeks. Some people leave their braids in for a little longer, so I suggest that once you take your braids out, it’s very important to clip your ends. Split ends usually stand out; you can actually see them. It’s not really hidden, and it’s more of a judgemental thing.

Elegance of Amor Growth Oil

Source: Elegance of Amor Growth Oil / @eleganceofamorsalon

What are 3 must-dos when it comes to growing your hair when rocking a weave, ie: a solid foundation, avoid tension with looser braids etc.

1. Your hair should be washed properly and blown out properly.

2. If you braid your hair when it’s still kinky or wet, it becomes difficult when it’s time to take down.

3. When your hair is blow dried properly, it will not matter if you keep your braids in for four or six weeks it will untangle without any problem.

Order your hair oil, here.


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