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Step 1

Take your wife out to dinner on the Saturday evening before Mother’s Day. Your wife will most likely want to spend Mother’s Day with the kids. Get a babysitter for the night before and take your wife out for a night on the town.

  • Step 2

    Wake up well before your wife does on Mother’s Day morning and prepare her favorite breakfast. Serve your wife breakfast in bed if she enjoys that sort of thing. If she’s not a fan, simply set a nice place at the table for her and remember to pull her chair out for her.

  • Step 3

    As Mother’s Day begins, ask your wife what she would like to do during the day. Perhaps she would like to have an outdoor picnic with the family or go to a movie. Be willing to do anything and everything that she wants to do. After all, Mother’s Day is her day.

  • Step 4

    During the week before Mother’s Day, distract your wife when she tries to do any household chores. Make sure that she doesn’t complete any of these activities. Then, take care of these chores for your wife. For example, you could do the laundry on Mother’s Day. If your wife prepares a large meal on Sundays, offer to take that responsibility on for the day. The point here is to make her life as easy as possible on the days leading up to Mother’s Day.

  • Step 5

    Buy your wife a small romantic gift and give it to her on Mother’s Day. It’s important to remember that motherhood stems from the love you share with your wife. Remind your wife how special she is by giving her flowers or any other nice gift.