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NYC Authorities Shut Down Two Massive Halloween Parties Over The Weekend

Source: Xinhua News Agency / Getty

At this rate, COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon in the United States.

Believe it or not, the United States is still battling COVID-19, but if you happened to look on your Instagram stories, you couldn’t tell that at all. Rona fatigue is real, but it’s still no excuse to partake in dangerous behavior that could spread the virus, like attending massive gatherings that have been outlawed to help stop the transmission of COVID-19.

Over the weekend, New York City authorities had to shut down TWO Halloween-themed parties that had hundreds of guests rocking costumes and drinking but failing miserably when it comes to wearing masks and socially distancing. The New York Times reports that one party in Brooklyn with nearly 400 people in attendance was broken up by sheriff’s early Saturday morning.

Just hours later, another party with more than 550 people was shut down in the Bronx by the sheriff’s office. According to the report, 28 people, including two businesses, party organizers, DJs, and security guards, face numerous charges, including ” a failure to protect health and safety in violation of the city’s health code.”

New York City’s infection rate is currently at 1.57 percent Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday. New York State is at 1.53 and is among the lowest in the country. However, cases have spiked recently, and both Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo have both acknowledged that things can get spooky in NYC again with the arrival of fall and winter temperatures.

At the beginning of October, to put out “small embers” as Gov. Cuomo describes them throughout nine zip codes, Mayor de Blasio shut everything down in those affected areas as part of a new microtargeting approach. Since implementing that plan, de Blasio said that situation appeared to be stabilizing.

Still, this just points out that folks selfishly don’t get it and are still willing to risk catching and spreading COVID-19 so they can party. As of October 23, the state has already suspended the liquor licenses of 238 businesses for not following the regulations.

We expect that number to rise as COVIDIOTS continue to put other people in danger just so they can party.

Photo: Xinhua News Agency / Getty

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