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Blackface DC protest

Source: @BGOnTheScene / Twitter

In case any of you culturally insensitive or blatantly racist white people have yet to get the memo, Blackface is forever a no go. Nevertheless, a goofy white dude rolled up to a protest in Washington, DC in blackface and eventually got sucker-punched in the jaw.

A crowd was gathered near the White House—near the street painted with Black Lives Matter—protesting the Republican National Convention. Participants were none too pleased at the bigoted bro, and let him know that he had to go. Someone can be heard yelling “Get out of here.”

The cops were actually escorting him away, and that’s when the video footage kicks off. As the racist troll is being told to keep it moving, a man rolls up quickly punches him in the jaw. The fade issuer runs off while police give chase.

Unfortunately, his cardio wasn’t up to par and the cops eventually caught up with him (someone in plain clothes, because the uniformed officers looked winded after about 30 feet…no shots). Hey, we’re not condoning interrupting police officers doing their duty, but we’re always in support of wanton racists getting punched in the face.

Also, it should come as no surprise, while the blackface idiot (read: provocateur) was protected, multiple protesters were arrested.

We have yet to learn the fate of the hero who issued the quick fade beyond his likely arrest. But we’re glad he wasn’t shot in the back because, ‘Murica.

Guess who got eased into the back of a squad car and asked if he needed anything? One guess.

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