Step 1

Step 1) Lust is a very powerful emotion. It can get the best of us if we don’t learn to utilize it appropriately. The first step in rechanneling your lust is to realize that lust is a healthy emotion–the failure to keep our lust in check is what makes it unhealthy.

  • Step 2

    Step 2) The second step in controlling your lust is rechanneling it into another activity. Are you not making enough money? Rechannel your lust into your career, a side job, a side business, etc. to take advantage of your lust. Are you not getting enough exercise? Rechannel your lust into 1 hr daily exercise routines. You can rechannel your lust into most appropriate activities.

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  • Step 3

    Step 3) Whatever you do, do not try to suppress your lust. Whatever we try to surpress ends up dominating us that much more. Just think about all those personality defects that you tried to suppress in the past. How did that work for you? I bet not very well. The best way to control your lust is to rechannel it into other more fruitful activities. I hope this has been a helpful guide on how to rechannel your lust. Good luck!

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