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Maintaining a healthy relationship is something every couple thinks about. Although most men will not admit it, we also think about how to keep our woman happy. We wonder what things we should do when our woman is feeling down, how to spice up the romance when it’s fizzling out, and how to be more compassionate. Today I am giving men five tips on how to spice up your relationship, be more romantic and keep your woman happy.

Tip #1: Go back to the basics – Sometimes we as men need to start doing what we did in the beginning, something! It seems like we go through so much to get a woman and as soon as we get her, we stop doing what we did to get her. Let’s go back to taking our woman out, wining and dining her, and showing her some attention. Your actions will let your woman know you care and make her feel special — and we all know that actions speak louder than words — so lets get back to the basics!

Tip #2: Don’t be scared to try new things — OK, I know some men are scared to try new things in the bedroom. But if your woman likes toys, why not try them. If she wants to play dress up, go for it, why not? Most women are pretty adventurous and love trying new things. So beat her to the punch, ask her if she would like to go to Inserection…blow her mind for one night. Trust me; trying something new can only help your relationship.

Tip #3: Date night — Taking your wife or girlfriend out consistently like it’s your first date will help maintain the romance in your relationship. Plan a weekly date night if you are single and monthly date night if you are married with kids. For those who are strapped for cash during these hard economic times, try things like picnics or cooking for your special lady. You will be pleasantly surprised at how happy a date night will make your lady…and how adding one to your schedule will keep the lovin’ coming. (Feel free to refer back to Tip #2 as often as necessary!)

Tip #4: Send a card, letter, or flowers — The most inexpensive way to let your woman know that you care is by sending her a card, letter or flowers. At the end of the day, all women want to feel appreciated. Nine times out of ten, when a woman feels appreciated and loved your home is a better place. As the saying goes — if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. So start stocking up on those cards and letting your woman know she’s the best thing since sliced bread!

Tip #5: Pray together –- I am sure we have all heard the phrase — the family that prays together stays together. A healthy relationship begins with a healthy partnership, so men, let’s do what it takes!

Your Thoughts?

These are just a few tips on how to maintain a healthy and romantic relationship. What are your thoughts on the five tips that are listed? Have any of these worked for you? Share some things you have done to maintain the romance in your relationship.